Anna Cibbarelli LOVES TO SING!!

Let me introduce you to Anna Cibbarelli. I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and her mom, Gretchen, not that long ago. It was at our old cafe’ where I witnessed this young lady and her beautiful voice. Anna may be young in years, but there’s nothing small about her voice.

Anna also enjoys acting, but she LOVES TO SING!


Please be sure to leave comments for Anna & I!!!

Sit back and enjoy Anna’s interpretation of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Please Note: Billy Patterson of “Redemption’s Cry” on guitar. You will be hearing more about him soon, as well!

Be sure to “Like” her page: Anna Ciabbarelli Music!!!!!

Stay tuned for my interview with Anna!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Anna Cibbarelli LOVES TO SING!!

  1. Anita- you couldn’t be any more on the money about Anna (and Billy). I was fortunate to catch them perform at Sayago’s and I’m still blown away by their incredible talent. Of equal important, they are great level headed kids that are going to go far!


    1. You are absolutely right Ken! Anna (and Billy) are very talented and I expect them to go very far. They come from great families and have both feet planted firmly in the ground. Can’t wait to see them soar 🙂


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