Fashion Trends for Men in 2013

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Now that 2013 is upon us, I decided to exercise my due diligence and determine what the buzz is regarding men’s fashion. At the moment, PLURALITY seems to be the word most used where men’s fashion is concerned.

So, I decided to break it down.

Definition of plu-ral-i-ty:

a : the state of being plural

b : the state of being numerous
It’s exactly as it sounds. By mixing and matching two different patterns, gentlemen can create a look with interesting contrast. Two patterns suffice, as three may be too visually confusing. So, for all you guys out there, you need to give up that one favorite piece, and mix it up a bit.
As far as additional trends go, I managed to compile the top 10 for you. I hope this helps plan your wardrobe, and if nothing else, gives you a point of reference.
“Top 10 Fashion Trends for Men” 

ColorWhile navy blue was huge in 2012, it’s tone gets a bit lighter for 2013.

Fabrics: Tweed and wool! Need I say more?

Suits: Three-button jackets are very 90’s, and have now been replaced by the two-button jacket. The placement of the buttons actually adds height and creates a slimming look. You should try it!

Winter Jackets: Hang up your trendy pea coat for now and replace it with something warm and stylish. You may see some fur lined hoods taking the place of often cumbersome earmuffs. In addition, military coats are slated for Fall 2013. The manliness of military clothing is undeniable, paired with a dark grey or navy jacket and boots completes the look.

Sporty: Varsity jackets in the Fall, and stylish windbreakers for Spring never looked better.

Watches: Pulling away from playful colors, and returning to simpler, more classic bands. Always, and I mean always, replace an old and worn out band.

Footwear: As far as shoes are concerned, dress shoes are out and boots are very much in, particularly in black or dark brown tones. We are talking classic lines, not your old hiking boots.

Jewelery: 2013 is all about jazzing up your wardrobe with metals like bronze or brass; rings, cuff links or tie clips.


If there is anything you’d like to know about men’s fashion trends, please feel free to ask. I would love to make 2013 a more stylish year for you!

Ciao for now!!

Reference: Huffingtonpost 11/12


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