David Bisbal of Spain: Recently Releases “Romances” CD


Well, the cat is definitely out of the bag on this one.With more than 5 million records sold and over 60 Platinum and Gold hits, David Bisbal, discovered on Spain’s  Operacion Triunfo (Operation Triumph), is at the height of his industry, and wowing audiences across the globe.

As a renowned singer, David performs a song in such a special way that it is not limited by any language. Oftentimes, a simple inflection in his voice, or the emotion on his face, lets his audience know what a particular song is about. In many of his shows, accompanied by his orchestra, when the songs are of a more tender nature, you will hear the light keys of the piano fade in and out, while the violin charges in at the crescendos, allowing the audience to appreciate the depth of his voice.

Read more: http://www.kovideo.net/david-bisbal-releases-the-music-video-for-adoro-news-david-bisbal-4541.html#ixzz2K7t2p8gB

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, his team has put together a CD called “Romances,” which includes some of his best “love” inspired songs to date.

For those of you who have yet to hear this gentleman sing, I’ve attached a link to one of my favorite songs, as well as, a link where you can hear all the songs on his new release.

See below for tour dates.



Dígale 2002 Corazón Latino
Mi Princesa 2009 Sin Mirar Atrás
Ave María 2002 Corazón Latino
Bulería 2004 Bulería
Esta ausencia 2004 Bulería
Como olvidar 2004 Bulería
24 Horas 2009 Sin Mirar Atrás
Doy La Vida 2011 Acustico: Una Noche en el Teatro Real
Esclavo de Sus Besos 2009 Esclavo De Sus Besos
Cuidar nuestro amor 2006 Premonición
El Ruido 2009 Sin Mirar Atras
Lloraré Las Penas 2002 Corazón Latino
Quien Me Iba a Decir 2006 Premonición
Desnúdate mujer 2004 Bulería
Silencio 2006 Premonición
Upcoming events

Feb 9
Mar 1
Washington, DC
Mar 8
Houston, TX
Mar 12
West Hollywood, CA
Mar 13
Las Vegas, NV
Mar 14
San Francisco, CA
Mar 16
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Mar 17
Miami Beach, FL

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