Robin Roberts of Good Morning America: Her Triumphant Return

GMA Welcomes Back Robin Roberts!!!

“I have been waiting 174 days to say this: Good Morning America!,‘” Roberts, 52, said in the show’s open.

“I keep pinching myself and I realize that this is real.  This is really happening,” she said. “Faith, family and friends have brought me to this moment and                       I am so full of gratitude.”

“There’s so many people that I want to thank throughout the morning, my doctors and nurses and family and colleagues and people who have sat in this chair and those who have blazed the trail before me,” Roberts said.

“As my mother said, ‘We all have something,'” she said.                                  “Everyone’s story has purpose and meaning and value and I share this morning, this day of celebration, with everyone.”

Robin Roberts returned to GMA on Wednesday after undergoing a bone marrow transplant due to myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS, a rare blood disorder.

Robin is a breast cancer survivor, and now she has fought her way back from MDS. Kudos to Ms. Roberts for her great strength and unrelenting faith and resilience.                                                  Wishing her a full and speedy recovery.

Below please find the link to a clip from Robin Roberts return to GMA!!!

Welcome Back Robin!!!!


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