Actors, Directors & Producer’s, Trey & Vanessa Ore “wrap” on their film: My Name is Paul

While I have yet to meet Vanessa Ore’s other half, if he’s anything like Vanessa, he’s sure to be a lovely man. Together, the Ore’s make up Quiet No More Production’s, a faith based production company. They recently wrapped on their faith-based film, My Name is Paul, slated for release no later than Spring 2014.

My Name is Paul, is a movie about the Apostle Paul with a little twist, in order to make it appealing to attract modern viewers. It’s a story Trey has wanted to tell for nearly 14 years.                                                                                                                                              “God has shown up every day and it’ll show up on the film,” he said. “We’ve done (it) with $200,000, but it has the feel of a $1 million movie. The blessing is we’ve gotten really good people doing a really good story.”

“The story of Paul attracts me because everyone can relate to Paul … We’ve all fallen short of our calling,” says Trey Ore. “Paul killed Christians. One encounter (with Jesus) on the road to Damascus changed him …It gives hope to all of us. God’s mercy, grace and redemption is available to us.”

(Above quotes are taken from the Charlotte Observer article below)

The Ore’s are currently looking for a FILM DISTRIBUTOR!

To read more about the multi-talented Ore’s, click on the link below:


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