Charlotte Native & Director: Mark Freiburger

If the name Mark Freiburger sounds familiar it could be because he is  not only a Charlotte native, and director of two feature films, but it was his “Fashionista Daddy” commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVII as the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers faced off. We won’t be forgetting the father dressing up with his daughter for a tea party any time soon, as it received a great deal of attention and acclaim. Freiburger’s commercial would land him as one of 5 finalists in the competition, and ultimately put him in 4th place.

Well, Mark Freiburger is smiling again, as it has been confirmed that his upcoming film project will be produced in the Carolina’s as he hoped. Financial backers for his film were very close to packing it all in and heading for Georgia when changes to North Carolina’s tax credit for film projects were going to hinder his project. House Bill 994 was about to eliminate the refundable portion of the state’s tax credit that is applied for film production.  This piece of legislation would inevitably undermine efforts to keep film production in North Carolina.

So for now, while the passing of Bill 994 is a distant possibility, it will not hinder Mark Freiburger’s current project. He will begin the filming of Apple Tree the first week of June…as he hoped…in Charlotte.

Kudos to native Mark Freiburger for bringing a great film project to Charlotte! He expects to employ 40-50 local workers for the project!

I can’t wait until Apple Tree hits theaters.

For more on the subject please click on the following link:


For more on “Fashionista Daddy” check out the following link:


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